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Paper 1: UK University Technology Transfer: behind the headlines This paper is about the commercialisation of university owned research outputs through licensing of intellectual property rights (patents, copyright, know- how, database & design rights) to existing companies and setting up new, spin-out companies. It is presented as a series of 'Frequently Asked Questions' that arise, in sections on university technology transfer, technology licensing and creating new spin-out companies. While each university has its own structure and assignment of responsibilities, the goals of each TTO are broadly similar, and regulatory and procedural issues faced are common to all. Technology Transfer Offices at UK universities play a valuable role in protecting and commercialising intellectual property developed at universities for social and economic benefit around the world. UK universities are almost all charitable bodies, required to comply with charity law. Their charitable objectives are research, teaching and scholarship and the application of new knowledge arising from these activities. Everything that universities do must be directly in line with these objectives. This applies to their business transactions, including the commercial development of their research outputs. Each university in the UK is independent and develops its own strategic goals, emphases, brand and approach to intellectual property management and the commercial development of research outputs. Universities vary in the way they interact with industry, investors and entrepreneurs: locally, regionally, nationally and internationally; with small, medium and large corporations; in different sectors; in different locations. UK Universities have been interacting with business for more than a century and in a variety of different ways: > Collaborative and Contract Research > Academic Consulting > Testing and Analytical Services > Providing Biological and other Materials > Executive Education/ CPD/Training > Student companies – 'Start-ups' > Licensing of Technology/IP > Spinning-out Companies These activities are described in different ways by commentators and policy makers ("engagement, knowledge exchange, knowledge transfer, technology transfer, business engagement") and are grouped and managed in different ways by each university (research support, industry liaison, technology transfer office or company, commercialisation institute, incubators, accelerators). For the full article, please click here. UMIC ® UMIP ® UMI 3 THOUGHTS ON TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER FROM THE 6U The Technology Transfer Offices of the 6U leading research power universities (Edinburgh, Imperial, Oxford, Cambridge, Manchester and UCL) have collaborated to produce a series of briefing papers covering areas of interest to university Technology Transfer. You can read the introductions below and click through to the full papers should you wish. 2 Did you know? > The 6U TTOs currently negotiate ~ 8,000 licences of all types per year > The 6U spin-out portfolios have raised over £2.5B in third party investment over approximately 10 years > According to MIT research, UK universities lie in 2nd place (after the US) as 'identified as having created/supported the world's most successful technology ecosystems' > According to the University of California, the most value/income from university IP arrives after 10 years of first marketing it

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