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OUR CHALLENGE Since its inception in 2004, UMI 3 has met, and in most cases exceeded, all of the financial targets and main goals and tasks that were set for it at its establishment. Whilst we celebrate this successful past, we are now concentrating on building upon these achievements. At the heart of UMI 3 is its enduring commitment to play a vital but complementary role within its community, especially recognising the University's "world top 25" research and scholarship ambition, of which exemplary intellectual property (IP) activities form a part. In pursuit of this, UMI 3 endeavours to strike the right balance between seeking to maximise the transfer of amazing ideas and inventions to the market-place, for the social and economic benefit of the nation and beyond. At the same time, we aim to ensure that appropriate value is secured for the University and its staff and students. The next ten years will be another new, challenging and exciting period for UMI 3 .

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