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Licensing Checklist n n WHY LICENSE? Assignment – lose ownership and right to use Licence – retain ownership but allow others to use n Consider the impact on the value of the IP n Do you need to continue to use the IP? n Consider tax position and whether any relief applies (e.g. Patent Box) Benefits MARKETING IP COMMERCIALISATION Assignment or Licence Gaining interest n Financial gain Supports further research n Alternative to creating a spin-out company n Provides case study material n Translation of ideas into society n How does the IP fit with licensee? Construct a clear business case n Be ready to demonstrate IP n Demonstrate experience of licensing n Consider offering research support n n n n TYPES n SCOPE Exclusive, sole or non-exclusive? n For what specific purpose will IP be used? n Consider restricting the territory n Can IP be licensed in different fields of use? n Is an open source licence appropriate? n Should licensee be able to sub-license? Limiting scope n n n Do you have resources to commercialise? Do you need control over IP? Does IP need further development? Who needs to use IP? Is more than one party interested in IP? Is licensee able to commercialise IP fully?

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