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IP and Confidentiality Checklist Copyright n n Protects items such as writing, music, and software Protects the expression of an idea, not the idea itself n Protects original work n Arises automatically without registration n Duration mainly life of creator +70 years Patents n Protects n Needs TYPES OF INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY inventions registering n Must be new, inventive and capable of industrial application n Don't disclose pre-application n Duration 20 years n Designs must be original and not commonplace UK Unregistered n Not protected if surface decoration, dictated Design Right by the way it's made, made to fit/match another object n Arises automatically without registration n Duration 10 years from first marketing/15 years from date of design document UK/Community Registered Designs Design has individual character protected if dictated by function n Don't disclose more than 12 months pre-application n Duration 25 years n n Not Community Unregistered Design Right n Database Rights n Criteria same as for registered design automatically without registration n Duration 3 years n Arises Protects collection of independent works, data or other materials arranged systematically or methodically arranged n Arises automatically without registration n Duration 15 years Trade Marks n Denote n Not origin and quality of goods descriptive/must be distinctive n Not identical or similar to an existing mark for similar or identical goods n Duration 10 years (renewable)

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