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Academic Materials and Publishing Checklist Copyright n Protects Moral Rights n Personal n Includes the form in which you express an idea and arises automatically. (No need to register in UK) n Exists in original written items, pictures, photographs, software, music, films, broadcasts and typographical arrangements n Protects generally for creator's lifetime + 70 years INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY rights of creator of a copyright work rights to be identified as author n Cannot be transferred but can be waived Performer's Rights n Personal Database Rights n rights of a performer in their performance of a drama, dance, music, reading n Rights in recordings of performances can be transferred Protect collections of works/data systematically arranged and accessible electronically or by other means n No need to register database rights n Protection is for 15 years or longer if the database is substantially altered Trade Marks n Can n Registrable Patents n Protects inventions which are new, inventive and capable of industrial application n Not often relevant to academic materials and publishing Choosing a publisher PUBLISHING arise automatically – stronger if registered if distinctive and not descriptive n Bear n in mind the different media available How quickly do you want the material published? n Find out about the publisher n Submit in publisher's preferred form/style n Indicate the need for any confidentiality

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