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UMI3 ENTREPRENEURSHIP FORUM Open Innovation Our Open Innovation events aim to seed collaborative relationships between the external community, whose interests lie in entrepreneurship and innovation, with the University's world-class academic and research community. As a result, we have played host to a series of major pharmaceutical and healthcare companies including; Reckitt Benckiser, Shire Pharmaceuticals, GE Healthcare, Pfizer, Lilly and Philips. Each event is based on companies sharing information, across all aspects of business and research, giving academics and innovators an insight into the companies' specific areas of interest and a platform to explore potential collaborative opportunities with technology sourcing directors. In the coming months, we will be bringing you more major corporate names from industries such as healthcare, retail and utility to name but a few. In addition to this, we will continue to engage with the investor community and bring you unmissable events such as the recent London Stock Exchange- The Funding Escalator event; follow the link to view the videos from the day. If you are interested in participating in future events, please contact: Dr Laura Etchells 0161 606 7264 Open Innovation events 'Entrepreneur-in-Transit' Scheme The Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) and UMIP are collaborating to enhance the innovation output of the University's extensive research base. The partnership aims to fasttrack innovation by embracing the business acumen of entrepreneurs and business alongside its creative academic researchers and intellectual property to build and share value through company formation and licensing. The 'Entrepreneur-in-Transit' (EIT) scheme works closely with, but independently to, the 'Entrepreneur in Residence' (EIR) scheme already undertaken by the STFC. The EIT complements its current activities in the commercialisation of intellectual property and builds new capability to 2 enhance technology commercialisation outputs. This scheme integrates with UMIP infrastructure and mechanisms to inject additional entrepreneurial flair and domain expertise. Entrepreneurs work alongside UMIP's venture team within identified Schools to align closely with the academic innovators. The first EIT scheme at the University is in the School of Physics and Astronomy which has a very strong link with STFC via its big science projects. Dr Rich Ferrie, Director of IP Commercialisation and Head of UMIP, comments: "Our partnership provides the foundations of the new EIT scheme and will enable creative innovation teams to form between our academics and external entrepreneurs and businesses at a much earlier stage than our standard process. In principle, this should allow us to respond to the needs of the market in a more agile way and direct our innovation activities at better validated commercial targets, priming our IP for earlier and more successful commercialisation. We are sending out a signal that UMIP is literally "open for business" and willing to share value with those seasoned entrepreneurs who are willing to share risk with us along this exciting journey." Ian Tracey, who runs the STFC EIR programme, said: "We have demonstrated the importance of matching investment ready management, to our world class science to increase the Economic Impact of our science base and to increase the ease by which investment money can be obtained. There is every reason to work with UMIP in scaling this up across their innovation landscape and cocreate new research based enterprises." For further information about UMIP's EIT scheme, please contact: Tony Walker, Head of Sales and Marketing, 0161 603 7780

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